How I Chose my Career of Business Essay

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Often times, I can’t help but wonder what my life would be like if I haven’t been exposed to the world of business; a wonderful career that changed my life completely. I have taken interest in business career because I love calculating numbers and interacting with people; But most importantly, my fascination in business came from my grandfather. He taught me many valuable tips on how to be a successful person, and most certainly how to run a business. He was not only a successful businessman, but also a respected individual. One of the businesses that he owned was a company called “Wu Long Tea Factory”. The main thing that they produce is tea of course, but they also have products such as cakes, candies, and all kinds of stuff. By being …show more content…
The main reason that he has this kind of personalities was because he was in the Taiwanese military. Before he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel, he served in the military for 32 years. He was well respected by everyone that was around him. Maybe it was because of that reason; he had very high expectations for himself as well as his family members. One quote that he always said was “If you don’t do it perfect, it is just the same as if you’ve never done it.” Many things had occurred that have made my life even harder. When I turned 13, my parents decided to send me to the United States. They wanted to send me here because they believe that the education in Taiwan was far worse than the education that I could receive in the US. In some ways it was true, but at first I refused to come. After a while I realized all they wanted was the best for me. I didn’t want to say good-bye to all my friends and these things that I was already used to, but I still did because I believe this decision will make my future better. After I arrived in the US, life was a lot more challenging then I had expected. Even though I was already a teenager who could make most decisions, but because of my poor English skills and the necessary help, I found it to be extremely difficult to perform well at school and social places that required communication. As time goes on, I started to find ways to deal with these harsh circumstances and was more used to the new environment. I joined
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