How I Did Not Put Someone At Jail

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How I did not put someone in jail A time in my life when I had to faced a mortal challenge and I had to make a decision, came about me making a decision about weather I should allow someone I truly loved go to jail. There were three major areas in my life, that I was transitioning to first was changing from a denominational church beliefs to the church of Christ beliefs. The second transition was I was leaving a life of being single to a life of being married. The third was having a empty nest syndrome. With these three major components came about making a decision to allow someone I love not to spend time in jail. Transitioning from my denominational church of the Baptis faith, to the Church of Christ was interesting. I chose to take my beliefs of Baptist faith, which entails me as a Christian to look at every day life encounters not so serious comparedto the Church of Christ more strictly, for we will be jidge heavily for our sins. A good example would be. Many Baptis Christians would state “once saveed always saved” appose to the Church of Christ states when you sin you must truly repent by emerging again in water. This person I truly loved, had committed himself as well as myself to the teaching of the Church of Christ. He failed tremendously to follow the churchways of worshippong by committing adultery and intentionally wanted to committed harm to me, We had talked about how wrong it would be to commit a cime andto go to jail for it. We both agree
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