How I Enhanced My Citation Skills

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The semester has been a learning experience and an adjustment. The Gender Bending in Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop course was an eye opening and informative experience. It not only taught me about gender bending, various talented artists, and styles of music but also a multitude of writing techniques and elements. These writing elements have helped me further strengthen my writing ability. There are two elements that I have found to be extremely helpful throughout numerous writing assignments are citations and supporting paragraphs. In this essay I will talk about how I enhanced my citation skills, learned the power of supporting paragraphs and can pass the knowledge onto others.

To have a strong impact on a reader and really cause them to think, change their minds, or learn something new, as the writer, it is important to have strong supporting paragraphs. This was something that I had previous knowledge of before it was discussed in class. Supporting paragraphs are used to help the reader get the point that is trying to be made. They provide the thesis with the supporting evidence that it needs. The thesis is the “road map” and the supporting paragraphs are the pit stops along the way to the final destination. Each pit stop, has an adventure making the overall journey a true learning experience. I applied this concept to my own work when writing the research blog. The goal of my blog was to inform people about some misconceptions of feminism and what feminism is. The…

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