How I Formed My Leadership Philosophy

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Subj: PESONAL LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY 1. How I formed my leadership philosophy: throughout my career I have worked for many different styles of leaders who all had a different style of leadership. They also had individual ways to deliver their message; these leaders are what helped me create my personal leadership philosophy and style. 2. Situational leadership, it’s the term I use to describe the style of leadership I have developed over my career. To me this means that each individual is motivated differently and each situation may require a different approach to reach the required goal. My first Officer in Charge in the Coast Guard was BMCS Downey, his leadership style was that of stern but fair, trust must be earned, and if trust…show more content…
When we tied up to the dock he let me as the executive petty officer and the engineering petty officer run the unit. He was there for guidance but let us make mistakes and learn from them while helping us set a course that was free of shoal water. He also took the time to talk to every crew member on a personal level and connected with them through his personal background and brought a feeling comrade throughout the cutter. I adopted his command philosophy while on the cutter and have carried it with me since: Honesty is the core of our core values. Don’t lie to me, if you are honest with the command in all situations we are able to help guide you, you may not always like the outcome but it will be fair and we will do what we can within the regulations. Don’t lie to your shipmates, if you are honest with your shipmates they will stand with you in all storms and help you through the good and bad. Don’t lie to yourself, if you build yourself around the truth then you will set a true course and will not have to defend yourself through ebbs and tides in your life. 3. All of these styles have helped me to grow as a Coast Guard member and has helped me to teach and mold new members throughout my career. There are
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