How I Got An Xbox 360

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Growing up I was very active. I enjoyed going outside and playing sports. Most of the time my friends and I would throw the football, ride four wheelers, or do anything that included being active and moving around. Then there were days it would be raining and we could not go outside, or it be night time and had to stay inside. When I could not go outside, I was bored and I complained about being bored all the time. We did not have much technology items in our house. So, finding stuff to do to entertain myself was a challenge. Then I started playing video games, I got a phone, and I found out that “YouTube” had come out and that change my life. I got an Xbox 360 when I was ten. My step dad had a PlayStation and I played it some, but this Xbox 360 was my first gaming console. The first Xbox was released and many people had it, even my cousin. There was about twenty-five million Xboxes sold (xbox). I never did get to get that first Xbox, but I got the second one the Xbox 360. The second one was more successful than the first selling over eighty million consoles (xbox). I would play all night. I beat all the games and then would start over because I did not have Xbox Live, which is where there is a chance to play with other people online. My friends and I would still go outside and play sports or do something, but if we couldn’t find something to do right away we would go play video games. Then I started playing video game a lot more. I would play anytime I did not have…
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