How I Got The Best From Designers As A Product Manager

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How to get the best from designers as a product manager When I started out in this industry I was a designer (which at that time, also meant I was a front-end developer). I then became a project manager leading teams of designers, developers and UXers. For the past few years I have returned full circle to doing what I love; design. My journey around various job roles has helped me to understand design from many different angles. This article is a list of top 4 things I’ve learnt along the way about how to get the best from designers. 1. Engage your designers early on If the designers you work with are not involved in requirements gathering for a project you 're going to have problems from the start. Imagine that you’re given a compass…show more content…
2. Understand the type of designers you are working with There are many different skill sets in the discipline of design. When we talk about ‘designers’ there are many different job titles and roles. Broadly speaking you are likely to work with three types of designers: Interaction designers - these types of designers focus on creating engaging UI elements, behaviours and actions to creative intuitive products and services. Visual Designers - these types of designers focus on the look and feel of the product and brand across the whole product or service UX Designers - these types of designers focus on assessing the needs and experience users have with a product or service and designing solutions to meet those needs. Most designers you come across will be multi-disciplined in some way but each will be different. If you 're lucky you’ll have someone that is all three, but don’t expect all designers to have all of these skills. The only way to really understand is to get to know the designers on your product team and what their strengths are but more importantly what motivates them. Some designers may need a jumpstart to get their creative juices flowing. Ideation workshops or sketch sessions, like those used in GV design sprints, can help with this. Even just sitting with a developer and
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