How I Have Affected My Education

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Growing up I did not have to face many hardships that would affect my education or the way that I would view the world around me. I played basketball for my High School for all four years and for an off-campus Armature Athletic Union for eight years, meanwhile I was a dedicated member of Girl Scouts and my High Schools Future Farmers of America organization or FFA. With in all of the extracurricular activities I always had someone pushing me to do better and constantly improve myself. My coaches would push me to be a better athlete and an even better student, my Girl Scout leader would stress that I be a better influence on society, and my FFA advisor was the most influential of all of my High School mentors, she made me want to be a better…show more content…
My days then seemed empty and pointless because I had no classes, no set schedule, and seemingly no use to the world. Coming back to school that following fall I was the happiest I had been the entire year, though still nervous that I had been off for too long and wouldn’t be able to handle the work. Little did I know that the incident which I thought ruined my life and my college goals was actually the most inspiring event that could’ve happened to me. I enrolled in the exact same course I had been in before and told myself that everything was going to change from now on, that I would take no part of my education for granted. I had a new-found respect for students with disabilities. I learned that I am responsible for myself and that in remaining time I had in college that I would push myself to new lengths and strive to be a better person, student, friend and classmate. I learned that even in the seemingly darkest of times that there is always a reason for the hardship you are facing. I also believe that there is always room for improvement and to not let anything or anyone get in your way of
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