How I Heal A Broken Heart

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How to heal a broken heart: 5 steps to mending the broken pieces. The person who discovers how to heal a broken heart, instantly, would become a hero. I am sure that they would win Nobel Prizes, become a billionaire, and get a free trip to Mars. Until this happens the only way to heal a broken heart is through time. Below, I will outline a few helpful tools to use, to make the healing happen a little easier. 1.) Don’t deny the heartbreak If you are like me, you probably ignore the signs of a heartbreak. You ignore it because: you think you are strong, and can handle it; you feel that there is so much suffering in the world that your heart break is minimal; or everything around you is going well that you feel acknowledging it will falsify that claim. Please ignore these notions, and let your heart break. Let it break in a million pieces. Cry, cry, and cry and when you think that you are all cried out (think again) and cry some more. Sulk and wallow in the pain. I believe the people end up, stuck, in the stages of grief because they don’t acknowledge the heartbreak. They start denying it, because they are scared, ashamed, or afraid. Then they have to go through the stages of grief in order to move forward. If you can skip denial, you may be able to avoid the stages of grief and fast forward directly to the healing. 2.) Truthfully understand what caused your heartbreak Many times, when we are nursing our broken heart, we look at others, situations, events, and even God to
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