How I Learned A Great Deal About How Interconnected Social Issues Are

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In Sociology 101 we have learned a great deal about how interconnected social issues are. Poor education and poverty can often be connected to create a cycle of poverty that brings down the next generation. Racial inequality can often lead to poor job opportunities. Using the sociological imagination, I will also attempt to connect events in my life to larger social problems and look at my life through the sociological perspective. I am going to look at how my privileged upbringing in a middle class family that also happens to be in Howard County. One major advantage that I have that is the reason that many have moved to Columbia is the school system. While Oakland Mills is not the best high school in Howard County, it is still better than most schools around the country. We have sufficient resources and opportunities within school. However even within Oakland Mills some students can still be disadvantaged. A major disadvantage that some students have is being tracked. Often at a young age, students can be put into certain classes based on perceived intellect. This separation of students often leads to a distinct difference in the racial and economic makeup of classrooms. In AP and GT classes you are much more likely to see wealthier and whiter students. I remember that in elementary school they started separating students, and I was not one of the kids who got to go to a GT class while many of my friends did. We seemed to not have very different intelligence levels at…
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