How I Learned A Great Deal About My Country's Culture

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Even though I was born and lived in Jamaica for the first seven years of my life I have been somewhat ignorant to its culture and because of this assignment I was able to learn a great deal about my country 's culture through another 's encounters and observations. Not only did I learn about my country but I gained new knowledge about my mother and her experiences as well. Her name is Kayla and she was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She began by introducing her culture 's background. “Jamaica, originally settled on by Taino settlers, was named 'Xaymaca ' meaning land of wood and water. The slaves brought over to the land were of course from Africa which is why we have adopted many of their customs of which I will elaborate later.” As she shared with me her experiences she also expounded on the norm of such things in Jamaican culture. As a child in her free time, Kayla loved to play with her brothers. She climbed trees, played marbles and basically did whatever they did and although she was a tomboy she always had fun. It is very common in Jamaica for children to be seen playing outside at all times of the day. Neighborhood children come together and play games such brown girl in the ring, Dandy Shandy (dodge ball), What can you do Puncienella likkle fella, cricket, Simon says, stucky freezy stucky ketchy (freeze tag), and mother may I. The names may be different but the concepts of the games are very similar to ones played around the world. From her childhood she also
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