How I Learned At University Of Miami

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Summarizing Your Semester While I was attending one of my classes, the professor asked us a surprising question regarding our purpose for studying at University of Miami. The question was whether our goal is to claim the Bachelor degree or expanding our knowledge about the major we’re studying? I was completely shocked by the question because I have never thought about studying engineering in this perspective. All I wanted was to get the Bachelor degree in order to secure my future. I kept thinking about this question for almost a week, until I realized that a person can gain more than just a degree during his college time. Therefore, in this paper I will discuss three main aspects that I learned in this semester which are: being a…show more content…
Additionally, as an Engineering student who must be capable of drawing I was afraid of not being able to draw structures, either by hand or by using the AutoCAD program. However, I’m now confident in my drawing skills due to this class. In fact, I’m not only glad that I can perform drawings now, but also I’m enjoying the time I spend in doing these drawings. Engineering drawings have also taught me how to imagine the structure of any object I see. Furthermore, I find the second program which is C++ to be described beyond the word “entertaining”. C++ is a high level language that is used for making codes in the computer. I have never imagined that I will be capable of creating a program that is considered a puzzle game, where you have a loop that will continue until you get the correct answer and then it shows you a specific message that says for example “Winner!”. There are more complicated questions and tricks that require a lot of thinking and concentrating. These types of materials are certainly going to expand our thoughts to be creative and successful engineers. Engaging with students from different cultures in groups is a huge step that I made during this semester. Working in groups helped me develop my thoughts to create the best ideas. For instance, we had two projects this semester that were worth 25% of our total grade in Introduction to Engineering. The professor gave us
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