How I Learned Changed My Life

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Friends and family have always told me college is hard and takes a lot of adjusting. I knew that in the back of my mind but always thought I was smart enough to overcome that adjusting part. I was wrong. Just adjusting to this course was a struggle for me. I learned my lesson and changed my ways a few weeks into the course. I’ve improved on so much and learned a lot throughout these seven weeks. In general I’ve learned how to organize and revise my papers more in depth. I’ve learned so many new techniques that I will carry on with my throughout my years in school. Six weeks ago when I wrote my diagnostic essay I thought it was great. Looking back at it now, I realize it’s a train wreck. There are grammar errors, awkward wording and sentence structures, repetition of the same words, it is unorganized and I cut my ideas short. A lot of the strategies I’ve learned throughout the course could have been put to use in the essay. I said my weaknesses were grammar and writing a thesis statement. I said that my strength was descriptive writing. I believe I’ve improved on those elements, but also discovered new weaknesses that I have worked on over the weeks to improve and understand better.
To start, there were a lot of errors in my paper that I wouldn’t have noticed before this course. I repeated words and phrases like “things” and “I think” multiple times throughout the paper. Especially when using the phrase “I think”, it could throw off my readers because I should be sure on…

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