How I Learned During The Classroom

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While in this class I have learned a lot of valuable information which will be extremely helpful when teaching in the future. Through this course the content, assignments, and format of class have had a great impact on what I learned and how I learned. I feel this class has benefited me and I 'm thankful I was able to learn and attend. I am also thankful for the relationships I have built with other teachers in the education program because of the peer interaction in this class. The content in this class was great. While studying the theories of education I was able to hear and learn about things I had never heard of before. I didn 't know there were different theories. Although the theories were interesting as a whole, I felt I learned the most from the different pedagogical methods from each theory. These methods are essential to remember for teaching and they are also something that should be used in the classroom to help students learn. I felt this content was very helpful and useful for me as a future teacher. I enjoyed the role play during this section as well. When we were learning about the four theories, after each one, you would have one group present a lesson using the method we had just learned about. I am a visual learner so for me this was great because I could see what we had just learned played out in a classroom setting, like I will be in one day. We also talked about multicultural education. I found this topic interesting, however, I felt we spent a…

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