How I Learned For Human Growth And Development

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Throughout this course we were required to complete ten hours of volunteer service at specific areas. While completing these ten hours I got to experience children and the way they act and think. This will be a reflection on how volunteering influenced me and how what I learned for human growth and development tied into my experience. I did my volunteering hours at the Diamond Village Baby Gator Child Development Center. Which offers, “High quality care to children ages six weeks to five years. Children grow and learn in a safe and healthy environment with a caring and attentive staff of well-trained early childhood educators. Curriculum is designed to encourage children to experience the world around them. Baby Gator addresses the needs of all children and fosters growth in social, behavioral, cognitive, and physical skills and early literacy skills (Baby Gator).” I was an addition to the Blue Jays (The name of the students in that specific class.), which included four year olds, also known as the Growing Gators. “The Growing Gator classrooms emphasize problem-solving, conflict mediation, independence skills, and pre-academic skills (such as – letter and number recognition, pre-writing, story comprehension, & math/sciences processes).
Activities are embedded in play and sensory experiences and are based on general milestones for the age group. Teachers help scaffold children’s individual skill development through one-on-one interactions and small group activities (Baby…
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