How I Learned From College Writing II Than I Thought

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I have definitely learned a lot more from College Writing II than I thought I would have. When this class started, I was not excited, because I have never liked writing, and felt that I was not very good at it. Now it’s coming to an end and fast. I always enjoyed coming to class because it went by quickly and was never dull. It started with free writes to help with our fluency, to class discussions, peer editing, and having Dr. White revise our essays. All these of have helped me with the writing process and becoming a better writer.
I believe I have accomplished some of my best writing this semester. I would have never thought I could write a ten-page Multi-Modal Argumentative Synthesis Paper.
I choose to reflect on this essay because
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By having read and annotated some interesting articles I was able to choose one and leave the rest as sources, which I would then use in my final argumentative synthesis paper. Furthermore, from the free writes, I have learned that it is better to write anything then nothing at all because you cannot do anything with a blank page. I like having the liberty to start where I feel I know what I should write rather than struggling with coming up with things and being discouraged. Now, I usually start with a body paragraph if I have something I know I must absolutely write about. Then I can frame my introduction with my points, which makes it much easier.
In addition, to teaching us the writing process, we also learned a few tricks on how to integrate quotes into our essays using the quotation sandwich and how to format block quotes as well. For example, this is example from my paper using these techniques,
“In establishing the difference between the two, Turkle shows the reader that conversation is more important and meaningful than connection by presenting an example of how her students tell her “about an important new skill: it involves maintaining eye contact with someone while you text someone else; it 's hard but it can be done.” (49) In other words, showing that even when people are having face to face conversations, they may not be fully engaged and still be on

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