How I Learned To Become Literate Essay

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How I Learned To Become Literate As a six-month-old baby books had opened up a whole entire new world of experience for me. My inspiration to learn how to read and write was encouraged by my Mother and Grandmother. This is because they read out loud to me before bed occasionally and gave me the best time of my life by introducing me to a library. By two years of age I developed speech and other communication skills. This helped me understand and develop a favorite book, “PJ Funny Bunny,” and I would stare at the pages pretending I was reading them. I would continually pretend to read with other Dr. Seuss books, Smurf pop-up books (I imagined I was a part of these for hours), sniff & scratches, and sensory books. I had just begun…show more content…
Overtime this helped to enhance my imagination for reading. Another thing our teacher did was present us with books as Christmas gifts. I remember my book was called “A Mouse House.” Inside she wrote that I was an excellent reader and said if we all came back over the holidays being able to read our books we could read anything we wanted. I believed her and practiced my book throughout winter break. She had given me hope for learning. During my Kindergarten years most of my encouragement continued by making up my own short stories with illustrations. Stories I wrote, like the “Oddor Beast” (1) and “The Witch And Too Two Many” (2), helped increase my imagination and made me feel as though I was a really great author. When my report card (3) came around and a “VG” for Very Good was in the Reading box I would get excited to read more. Throughout the beginning of my Elementary school years we were taught literacy by writing creative stories with illustrations. In my story, “The Girl Who Had The Magic Finger” (4) you can see that I was not great at spelling and completing sentences. I also noticed my tendency to complete things in a big hurry and end sentences with phrases like, “And that’s the end of that.” I continued to learn by putting together little books like, “Little People Book (5).” These type of books aloud me to read the stories and comprehend what I’ve read because they were followed by short questions at the end. By First Grade, I was
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