How I Learned With Friendship Essay

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I am sure most of you have heard of the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” You can apply this to many experiences, but I learned this first hand with a friendship. I always have been a “people person” and with that trait I made a lot of friends. Having a lot of friends also came with a lot of experiences shared, and a lot of experiences that I have learned from.
With one specific friend I learned that; if a person does not want help, you cannot help them. With the same person I learned that friendships are a two sided. Efforts to keep the friendship alive should be the same from both sides. These experiences made me realize that you cannot control the outcome of a friendship and you cannot be saddened from an unexpected outcome.
I will call my friend Alex for this story. If you know the story of Alexander Supertramp, he was kind of that type of guy. Well, I met Alex Sophomore year of highschool during water polo season. He was the new kid on the team from Modesto. Right of the bat, he was easily the best water polo player on our team. I was goalie and our team had a horrible defensive, but Alex was always the one keeping up with other teams. Throughout the season, I was able to know him and other upperclassmen within the team.
Toward the end of my Sophomore year, the teammates we hung out with had graduated and I did not know Alex at a personal level yet. That changed when my Junior year began. This was at the beginning of the school
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