How I Learned With My Learning Abilities

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I find myself thinking of different ways to enhancing my learning abilities. I have always known that watching and doing are styles that help me learn better, not just in school, but at work or just doing crafts with family. I feel as though I have more of an understanding when I have “hands-on” training. First, I like to watch someone educate me then, I like to do the steps myself. I feel that we educate ourselves through everything that we see and do. We are always learning new things daily. Discovering new ways of learning, keeps my mind going and more energized to learn.
There are many types of intelligences, with mine being visual/spatial intelligence. I like to use images and pictures when I try to remember things, especially while studying. It helps me have a better understanding of what I am learning or doing. While learning, I enjoy reciting terminology out loud so I can hear what I am studying. By being a visual individual, I can explore new ways of learning. I can look at images to best understand how to organize my thoughts.
By being a verbal individual, I can express myself through writing more. I feel that using only one side of a piece of paper makes me not feel so overwhelmed while studying, and also writing small. I have always enjoyed using this technique. I also incorporate a story to remember my words or definitions when needed.
Notes are very important by incorporating techniques with your health also. You can track your steps to make…

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