How I Learned With My Life

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After years of friendship I felt bold enough to start making suggestions, subtle hints that I thought he needed professional help. I loved him and wanted nothing more than for him to be happy. I had moved into town when Spencer was ten, right after he lost his older brother and the use of his left hand in a car accident. When we first met he seemed so empty and vacant. His cold blue eyes looked at the world in the way that a drowsy child looked at a television screen while watching late night talk shows. It was as if he wasn’t processing life as it happened around him, without him. We bonded over our love for cartoons and our mutual belief that plain potato chips were superior to any other lunch snack. In no time we were spending recess…show more content…
What did they say?” He sighed laboriously and shook his head, opening his mouth to speak and then pausing to close his lips again. After a few repetitions of this odd ritual his eyes met mine, cautiously licking his lips, and he began to speak. “We can’t do this anymore. It’s not healthy for me. I’m sorry.” I looked at him, my previously joy-filled face melted away into an expression of hurt confusion, brows tugging together tightly and tears building up in my eyes as I tried to process exactly what he meant. “Do what?” “This. The talking, the friendship, the love. It’s not real.” “But I love you,” I bawled, slowly dragging the back of my hand along my cheek to clear my face of tears, leaving a damp streak in its path . “I love you too, that’s the problem. None of this is real.” “Of course it’s real! You are my whole world.” “I know.” His head hung low and shook again before he walked away, dragging his beat up sneakers along the cracked sidewalk. Desperately, I began to chase after him but found myself unable to gain any actual speed. As if I were in a dream, I was no longer in control of my interaction with the physical world. The harder I tried, the slower I moved. Frantic and confused, I looked down to my feet which, to my surprise, were becoming increasingly transparent with each passing second. I quickly threw my head back up to look at Spencer, eyes wide and bulging in petrified hysteria. “Please... What’s happening? Spencer, come back!”

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