How I Learned to Love Football Essay

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In Felisa Roger’s article How I Learned to Love Football, Roger discussed how her dislike for sports changed all together with when she had a reason to care about it more. She provided a great background when explaining why she changed her mind about disliking sports, and used a great variety of detail while explaining it. She talked about how as she was growing up she had a strong dislike of all sports. She talked about how she was never good at playing any sports in gym class and always hated it when she actually had too. Her family didn’t like sports either so they didn’t blame her for disliking them and never being on a sports team while in school. At the school she first attended, sports had been a ticket to popularity, needless…show more content…
They ended up having bigger problems other than the fact that she didn’t listen to him when he talked about football. They were having major financial and family crises. She realized that the only thing he enjoyed doing in their hardships was watching football and talking about it. One day she ended up asking him about the game, which surprised him very much but he didn’t hesitate once to tell her all about it. He discussed the players, the victories, and the tragic loses. She found herself actually listening to what he was saying because of the symbolic impact it had on her husband. She kept listening and the more she listened the more she ended up understanding about what was going on. She eventually started watching the actual games with him and started understanding those too as long as he was there explaining it to her. She soon grew a love for the Green Bay Packers just like her husband. She admits that she still doesn’t completely understand everything that is going on during a game but she has a better understanding then she did before. She considers her house a “Green Bay House” and supports and roots for them whole-heartedly every time they play. I personally found this to be the most interesting article out of this section because it’s some things I felt I could relate to in the article or I thought of others who definitely did. When she discussed how she grew up in school never excelling in sports

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