How I Learned to be the Person I am Today Essay

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A person’s life is a journey filled with bumps, detours and dead-ends while the route is shaped by the people, places and experiences that litter the path. It does not matter if a person graces your life for a moment or for a lifetime, each one helps guide our destination by helping define who we are and who we will become. These relationships bring us the many tools that we will need along the way. My parents and friends have given me great roadside assistance by teaching many ethical principles. Because of them, honesty and acceptance are two core values of mine that will be tremendous assets in a future business career. I was born and raised in Minnesota by two loving parents who valued truth and honesty. They always told me that…show more content…
They will also be confident that I will conduct myself with open communication both inside and outside of the company, treat my customers and clients fairly and not mislead anyone with bad information or unrealistic expectations. Honesty will help me be a good colleague to my co-workers because I will give them proper credit for the things that they accomplish. Growing up, I learned many things from my parents, but I also learned values from my many high school friends. Every kid wants to be accepted, but the school years can be tough. In my high school there were many labels for people and if someone did not fit those labels they had a hard time feeling like they belonged. My friends were not the typical athletes, musicians, or students. We were a mix of kids who saw things differently and looked different. We had long hair, wore edgy clothes and listened to music that was not a favorite among our peers. We often felt that teachers and other students judged us, so we worked hard at accepting others and treating others with respect. If anyone wanted to be a part of our social circle, we happily accepted them no matter what color their skin was, how they dressed, or wore their hair. I learned that everyone has something to offer if you give them the chance and open your mind to them without judgement. In high school, I reached out to a person that I would not
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