How I Lost My Weight

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Why am I qualified to discuss losing weight? Simple - I lost 37 pounds in 124 days doing it the right way with a combination of charting what I eat, nutrition and exercise. I went from 207 pounds to 170 pounds, and today I’m at a healthy 165 pounds. A total of 42 pounds shed. I’ll put it another way, I went from a tight 36 inch to loose-fitting 31 inch waist. What makes this book unique is I’m going to take you step-by-step. Together we will begin with a “Getting Started Now” section which you can employ today. Then we will go over nutrition and a sensible approach for to eating right, this is followed by exercise discussion, and a detailed four week workout program which focuses on the use of an elliptical machine and isometric exercises. I’ve included a few delicious family recipes that are low calorie but packed full of flavor. Finally I suggest that the journey has only begun and I help you plan or greater success. It is like painting by numbers. Best of this entire entire system works regardless of your gender and it is sustainable. There are no crash diets, cleansing or unrealistic cutting out of delicious foods that can never be sustained. There are lifestyle shifts but you’ll still be able to eat your favorite foods and drinks. The catch is you will have a working knowledge of how to best incorporate those calories into your diet. You will be empowered to make better choices. With any diet ask yourself will I be able to keep up this routine 30 days from now?
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