How I Lost The Junior Miss Pageant Short Story

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In the story, “How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant” by Cindy Bosley, the narrator tells her story about how she lost the Junior Miss Pageant. She takes us on a journey about how she watched pageants and rated the females as if she was the judge and how she got into the pageant and practiced. She told us about her and her mother’s struggles with money, men and ultimately how she lost the pageant. She went even further after the pageant was over, to tell the reader how disappointed her mother was because she did not win and her mother’s ultimate sorrow, her loneliness. This descriptive narrative allowed me to understand the text's main point: being accepted by others.
The mother definitely wanted people’s acceptance because of her weight was
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She did the pageant to get her mother’s acceptance for one. Her mother always had put her down, “After my mother’s never-subtle hints that if I’d just lose 20 pounds boys would like me and I might even win a beauty contest” (Mauk & Metz, 2016, pg. 34).
Throughout reading the story, I felt the mother and daughter always had a problem with people accepting them for who they were. The theme about wanting people to accept you is a hard one to talk about because I feel that everyone wants to feel accepted. Some people want that to happen without them changing themselves and some people will change themselves if it means that they’re with the rest. Acceptance is what the mother really wants because she’s always had problems with men and it hurt that her husband left her for an even heavier woman. The daughter, on the other hand, still wants people to accept her, but she’s come to terms with ‘reality’ that she’ll never be the lucky one, “I’d lost this contest at birth...I’d lost the contest in borrowed shoes and an out-of-date dress...I’d lost the contest with the engagement ring on my seventeen-year-old finger” (Mauk & Metz, 2016, pg. 36).
The novel, “How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant” taught the devastating effects of what can happen once you need someone else’s approval of yourself. The mother and daughter were both transparent people that wanted a way out from never being seen. When you live your life by training yourself or

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