How I Met My Husband And Araby Analysis

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There is a certain time in everyone’s lives in which they experience the phenomenon known as immaturity. Everyone was once a child and makes thus have a record for making wreckless mistakes. However, as the years pass by, we all have come to realize our mistakes and learned from them in order to mature. In How I Met My Husband and Araby, both authors showed how their main characters developed over time. Each main character from both stories transitioned from a child to a young adolescent. However, each character’s path differs in order to find themselves. For instance, How I Met My Husband is told in the first person point of view and the main character is a girl. Whereas, Araby is told from the perspective of a young boy. Both characters…show more content…
In the story, Munro wrote, “He put the cake away carefully and sat beside me and started those little kisses, so soft, I can’t ever let myself think about them, such kindness in his face and lovely kisses, all over my neck and ears, all over….and we lay back on the cot and pressed together, just gently, and he did some other things, not bad things or not in a bad way.” Edie unquestionably liked Chris and made her believe she was an adult because he liked her in return. Similarly, in James Joyce’s Araby, the young boy who isn’t identified, has a crush on a girl that is around his age. However, Chris is much older than her and is aware that he’s twice, if not three times her age. In addition, Edie even admits that, “I (she) had only kissed a boy on a dare before, and kissed my (her) own arms for practice.” For that reason, Edie has never experienced anything other than a meaningless kiss and isn’t knowledgeable of the situation she is in. In the same way, the boy from Araby is inexperienced with girls and tries to impress her by going to the bazaar she wasn’t able to attend. Nevertheless, at a young age, teenagers are naive and ignorant about the process of growing up and soon enough learn from their mistakes. For instance, Mrs. Peebles tells Edie, “Calm down. Don’t get hysterical. Calm down. Stop crying. Listen to me. Listen. I’m wondering, if you know what being intimate means. Now tell me. What did you

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