How I Met My Husband - Literary Essay

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The short story How I Met My Husband, by Alice Munro, is an excellent example of realistic writing. She uses ordinary and worldly events, actual locations, and a very ironic tone in the story. Alice Munro also uses everyday people for her protagonists, who encounter normal events and emotions. In the story How I Met My Husband, Edie shows the growth from someone who is very naïve to someone who is more realistic. In the beginning of this story, Edie is a very naïve fifteen-year-old girl. She does not yet realize that the world does not cater to her, or tell her how to do everything in life. One way she shows this is by thinking that at school, “the work was hard, they didn’t make it nice for you or explain…” (Munro, page 38). When Edie…show more content…
Mrs. Peebles had to explain to Edie that “being intimate means a lot more than that [kissing]...” (Munro, page 51). Everyday after Chris left, Edie would “go up to the mailbox and sit in the grass, waiting.” (Munro, page 52). She still had a child like faith that Chris would write her a letter. Edie is still showing that she is naïve, but she also is starting to show some aspects of realism. By the end of the story, Edie is has outgrown acting naive, and has grown to see life realistically. She finally realized that “No letter was ever going to come.” (Munro, page 53), so she stopped waiting at the mailbox. Edie courted, and then decided to marry the mail carrier. He eventually tells their children “the story of how I [Edie] went after him by sitting by the mailbox every day”. When Edie hears this story being told, she just laughs and lets him, “because I [Edie] like for people to think what pleases them and makes them happy.” (Munro, page 53). Edie realizes that it is sometimes better to let people be happy, rather then just hurt them. Edie has grown from a fifteen-year-old naïve girl, into a realistic woman. The story How I Met My Husband shows the expansion that takes place for Edie in her life. Edie started at the beginning of the story as a young girl with a very naïve sense of the world. Towards the middle of the story, she starts to grow into someone who
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