How I Met Myself

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How I Met Myself
Q: Based on the novel above, describe the main character. Answer with evidence.
Ans: The main character in the novel ‘How I Met Myself‘ is John Taylor. He is a 34-year-old-Englishman living and working in Hungary. He is 2 meters tall with light brown hair and eyes and a moustache. Taylor is adventurous and eager to try something new. He is a computer programmer who takes a job in another country, especially in one which he has never visited before, because he thinks it will be interesting. He takes Hungarian lessons from a girl named Andrea. They fall in love and get married. Later, they also have a daughter whom they name Kati. Taylor is also curious and determined to understand the strange meeting that took place on 18
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Ans: In the novel ‘How l Met Myself’ conflict arises between Taylor and his wife, Andrea, because of the strange events that happened to Taylor that turned his life upside down. Andrea is first unhappy with Taylor’s change in attitude. Once she knows what is troubling him, she helps to investigate. However, Taylor continues to dream about the strange meeting and wants to know the truth. In doing so, he spends less time with Andrea and his daughter He also does not tell her that he goes to the library to read old newspapers to find clues that can help him make sense of his strange meeting. When she finds out, she is angry and does not want to help him anymore. Andrea fails to understand that her husband wants to be free of the dreams. The story of the doppelganger may seem impossible in the normal world so she finds it hard to believe her husband. She grows tired of his doppelganger story and wants him to think about taking care of his family. The doppelganger and Taylor’s quest to find answers seem to drive a wedge between Taylor and Andrea. Later, she even thinks he is ill and needs a doctor's help.

Q: Based on the novel above, write about an important event/s in one of the character’s life, answer with evidence.
Ans: In the novel ‘How l Met Myself’ the most important event occurs when John Taylor discovers more about what happened to him one cold January evening when he met himself. It is called a
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