How I Met With Graduate Competency During My Clinical Experiences

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In my journal summary I will discuss how I met each graduate competency during my clinical experiences. I will also highlight experiences, I learned, and how it changed my view of nursing. I will first, review the graduate competencies listed in our student preceptor handbook and then review how I met these requirements. I will start with PERSON: Provide safe, caring and holistic nursing interventions to assist the individual to maximize self-care abilities appropriate for their personal growth and development. I demonstrated graduate skills with safety towards patient care by providing sterile technic, effective hand washing, six rights administering medications, knowledge of medication, patients known allergies, patient code…show more content…
After, assessments and interventions I would evaluate patients outcome. When caring for a patient I frequently communicate to patient, physician, and charge nurse about patient’s change in condition. The third competency is HEALTH: Incorporate knowledge from the sciences, technology, and humanities into providing nursing care to promote health for the client along the wellness-illness continuum. I provided knowledge base information during medication administration to patients. I implemented knowledge and rationale to patient in regards to procedure being performed. One instance, when informing a patient of rationale procedure was an intubated motor vehicle accident patient in the neuro trauma intensive care unit. The medical staff, entered patient’s room started working on him without explaining what they were doing. I observed when staff came in that he would become agitated. I began relaying to patient any individuals that entered his room and what they were doing and why. I instantly notice a change in his behavior. During, a picc line insertion I held the patient’s hand and voiced not for him to move. I expressed at any time it hurt then he could squeeze my hand. He did squeeze several times but I think it was for reassurance. I felt a great connection with this patient and still wonder how him and his wife are doing. Fourth and longest competency is NURSING: Communicate and collaborate effectively
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