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Brylan Beard Mrs. Mary Smith Ap Literature 20 September 2017 How to Read Literature like a Professor Essay This essay will be about the analyzing of literary devices that are discussed in this book. The professor in the book thoroughly describes these devices and the allusions and symbols that are involved in literature over the centuries. I will be discussing the specifics of the allusions and symbols of the bible and the Christ like figures in literature. The first device I will be describing is the allusion of the Bible used in literary pieces through the years. In the chapter “ ..or the Bible”, the professor describes many times that the stories of the Bible is used in a lot of stories themselves. Many people really don’t know or…show more content…
Girls are suddenly, look pretty and good, rather than them having kooties. This change happens all the time in the real world and the world of literature, I like to think that authors use loss of innocence as a trial that a hero or main character goes through to achieve the goal that he is trying to accomplish. This amazing change or loss of innocence made a huge impact in the literary world and it all leads back to Adam and Eve. Next, is a way authors use the Bible in a way that is a lot less specific and not actual symbols used in the Bibles. Like the usual symbols being the serpent, no garden, and no apple or fruit, but some authors don’t use these symbols but use different ones to make references to the Bible. Jesse Joyce, is an example, he uses a bazar as the symbol for the garden of Eden. He promises to try to buy her something from a bazaar, the Araby of the title, to which she can’t go in. This bazar is somewhere important that not just anyone can go in, so the girl finds a boy who can tricks him or seduces him into going in to get her something, to which he realizes that she wasn’t his everything, that he has done this thing for someone that gave him no second thought, His eyes burning from the tears. This is a perfect example of loss of innocence but not using the natural Adam and Eve scenario. Another is that the Bazar is inside, but there are two great jars standing by the booth, Joyce says, like Eastern

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