How I Should Spend Your Life

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The most inevitable truth in this life is that time never stops and soon I will be just another box in the ground. This is in no way cynical or dark, it is simply the cold, hard truth about life, of which I have accepted with peace. Henceforth, as I am growing older, I am starting to make observations of time and how important it is in my everyday life. I have learned that time is going by faster and faster with every passing night. This has made me take in to consideration how I should be spending the time I have left. I have spent 2,688 hours trying to improve myself as a writer since the beginning of the semester. That is the amount of time that has gone by since I realized how much writing truly meant to me. I decided to start doing…show more content…
In my entire life, I have never learned so many new things and opened up my perspective on the world as I know it. Being able to watch a story unravel within a culture unknown to me was inspiring and created an uprising of ideas inside my head. Everything from the Lakota characteristics to the love shared between two cultures with very different views. It caused me to think about aspects of my life in a brand new way. This caused the writing experiences to be much simpler when putting them on a page. Thinking in new ways caused me to write in new ways, which helped my growth as a writer more than I thought it would. On the other hand, this semester had its fair share of bad experiences as well. My least successful experience of the semester was the eight page paper written on mental health in America. This paper was meant to exude understanding and compassion while still being informational. However, after reading it a few more times, it sounded quite boring and very emotionless. Despite the use of a personal interview, the paper was merely informational. I wanted my voice to stand up for those people who struggle with mental illness. I wanted it to be different from just a research paper. I wanted the reader to know me through my empathy. Nonetheless, it was none of those things and if I could go back and change the tone of the essay, I would Thinking and writing are directly correlated with one another. For me, the
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