How I Spent Too Much Time On The Research

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Finding a manageable question that would sustain my interest throughout the research was something that I spent too much time on. At first I was wanting to have my research question on fasting in different religion, as religion and its many views and values fascinated me. However, I knew little about religion in general which meant that I would have to gather a massive amount of information about the many religions as well as gathering information on fasting. I was overwhelmed by this realisation and began forming a new research question. After using a variety of websites online which aided me with finding inspiration towards a research topic, I decided to have a topic that I knew would sustain my interest as I was very passionate about …show more content…
Most of the online sources I found were either supporting the meat industry or strongly against it. I came into this research topic already against the industry so I found it very difficult to take the supporting articles seriously. I ended up finding as many sources with high authority as possible so that I could later cross-reference with the sources with strong bias to make sure that the information that I found was truly accurate. However, when I looked at academic literature, it was normal to access only an abstract, the rest you had to pay for. Other articles were loaded with complicated terms that I had difficulties in understanding.
Through the course of the research project, I found it very difficult to understand what I was meant to accomplish specifically. As the topic I had chosen was so broad and I was lacking in knowledge what the final outcome of the research projects entirety would be it affected how I managed my time. I became overwhelmed with information and saw no end to it so I began slacking off. Something that helped me regain my interest in the topic was watching the documentary ‘Meat the Truth’, made in 2008 featuring Karen Soeters and Gertjan Zwanikken. The documentary was very informative with many experts and scientists which helped me with finding a substantial amount of information with high authority. After watching and note taking the documentary, I had found interest in the topic and was driven to complete my
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