How I Spent Too Much Time On The Research

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Finding a manageable question that would sustain my interest throughout the research was something that I spent too much time on. At first I was wanting to have my research question on fasting in different religion, as religion and its many views and values fascinated me. However, I knew little about religion in general which meant that I would have to gather a massive amount of information about the many religions as well as gathering information on fasting. I was overwhelmed by this realisation and began forming a new research question. After using a variety of websites online which aided me with finding inspiration towards a research topic, I decided to have a topic that I knew would sustain my interest as I was very passionate about it. However I kept on moving from one question to another as I was unsure about how broad I needed my topic to be. As I desperately needed to begin with my research, I chose a question that was very broad that I could later narrow down. My initial question for my Research Project was “what are the consequences of our current meat consumption?”. With the use of a lotus diagram and a mind map I was able to gain an understanding on everything that I had to research.
As the topic was very broad, I used a set of three sub-questions which I would gather information on. My sub-questions were “How does the amount of meat Australians consume impact their health?”, “How is animal welfare in the Australian meat industry?” and “What impact does the…

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