How I Started A Long Day

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One sunny but very cold March morning, I was headed to work to start a long day. I was just driving along listening to music minding my own business. I was pretty happy because it was pay day for me and I just wanted to get the day over with. I was in the country so it was very icy out and no one had come to salt the roads. My turn was coming up for my work so I started to slow down. When I went to slow down my brakes started to lock up. I really didn’t know what to do after that. So I just kept my foot on the brake and proceeded to turn. When I turned the wheel my car didn’t turn all the way. I started to slide towards the ditch and my car was headed to a stop sign. When I knew I was going to hit the stop sign I just let my hands off of…show more content…
Ashley told me that it would be okay and the she would get my dad to come out in the shop. While I waited in the shop for him to come out I was shaking and crying because I was nervous that he was going to yell at me. When he walked out in the shop he asked me what happened and so I told him. He wasn’t mad at all he was glad that I was okay. He also told me that it was okay and that we would fix my car. The only thing wrong with it was my bumper. I hit it in the center of my bumper. We had called a bunch of different places to see if they had a bumper that would fit my car. Finally the last place we had called had a bumper that would work. The guy we talked to said he knows how it is to be a teenager and to hit something. So he said we could have the bumper for less than it really was. We ordered it and waited a few days for it to come in. Then one of my family friends knew someone that could paint my bumper for free. All I had to do was pay for the paint. We waited for a while for the paint to come in. After it came in we took my bumper to the guys that was painting it. We also had to wait a couple days for it to be painted and dried. The guy called us when it was dry and said we could come get it. The paint matched my car perfectly. The guy had done such a great job on it. The day I hit it I was upset for the first part of the day, but I remembered that it was pay day and that cheered me up a little. At
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