How I Taught Me Multiple Things Other Than Improving My Writing

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This class has taught me multiple things other than improving my writing. I learned how to work with different people for a common goal, which was to complete our project and pass this course. However, things didn’t go as smoothly as I had expected, all of my partners were taking a few different courses and time was crucial to us. Summer school being a fast session did put us up against great obstacles but in the end we all prevailed and completed our portion of the work. I being an older student was worried about my familia not doing their portion of the work, which stressed me out and left me always bringing up our group project to see if they were coming up ideas as I was. I must admit no one gave me any, nor presented me with any of their thoughts or ideas, and there was some procrastination going on. Although, Sharon was one person who was always prepared and ready to speak up and share her thoughts, which gave me some confidence that we would get through this. Once time came around for our presentation, Sharon had mentioned that working on google docs would be a good idea, because we could all do our portion of the work without actually meeting up; which was nearly impossible due to our busy schedules. Johnny and Rae had mentioned that they are going to be extremely busy and they would rather present the project as long as we told them what we had prepared. Melissa and Scott both added their portions to the google docs, and left me quite impressed I believe our
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