How I Think Theologically By Howard W. Stone And James O. Duke

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In their book, How To Think Theologically, Howard W. Stone and James O. Duke convey to their reading audience on the very first page of their introduction that “…Christian theology is at its roots a matter of faith seeking understanding.” The premise of the book argues – no states emphatically “…their (christians’) faith makes them theologicans.” It is this foundational point on which the entire work pivots. So Stone and Duke are asking their readers to buy in to the realization that by merit of our Christianity, we all are theologians. Once their readers have been garnered by this knowledge, they seek to take that audience to levels of thinking correctly in relation to theology – both methodically and methodologically. This critical book review seeks to understand theologically the arguments Stone and Duke are making and evaluate the effectiveness and thoroughness of this text.
In order for the reading audience to buy in they offer the above mentioned definition of Christian theology. One can readily see, then, as believers in Christ’s work at Calvary - His obedience in death, His submission to burial and His glorious resurrection from the dead we indeed can accept forgiveness and hence be Christians. And, as such we think on our faith, teachings and understandings in matters of faith. This process, in effect is theological reflection. And, although Stone and Duke have varying theological views in some areas, they both agree on the points of this book on the journey of

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