How I Ve Changed In High School

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A lot of questions go through my mind throughout the day. I get up in the morning and ask myself what I should wear today. I ask myself how hard I really studied for my third period stats test. Today is different than all the others because today, a different question is being asked. How I’ve changed over the four years I’ve spent in high school? From the beginning to the end of high school I’ve changed in ways where I’ve learned that no one has the right to judge others, mistakes are the best guides to success, and prioritizing is key.

During my high school years I’ve seen all different kinds of students walking the halls of San Ramon Valley High School. All of us (students) all have one thing in common. We all do the same thing every day, five times a week. We get up in the morning, go to school, and attend class up until the bell rings at 3:10. Since the beginning of high school, I’ve learned that every student has a special uniqueness about them, but that doesn’t give people the right to pass judgements towards them. One typical high school day, Some seniors, including me, sat at the senior tables at break a couple of weeks ago. Everyone’s head turned towards the middle of the quad, staring at this girl with bright purple hair, wearing a long black gown, and a cape tied around her neck.The reactions that those
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The maturity of my growth doesn’t end with my graduation of high school because it’s experiences in life as a whole that shapes me as an individual. Everyone’s uniqueness should never be judged. I have no idea what someone goes through in their life, so it’s never right to make assumptions about them. With high school comes plenty of mistakes, but those mistakes made are the most beneficial in the long run because they’ve shaped me into a better person. Putting my school work first and my social life second has helped me become successful in
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