How I View And Interact With The World Shapes My World View

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How I view and interact with the world shapes my world view, and this worldview is the culmination of my culture, values, and life experience. Given my background, the Reciprocal Interaction Worldview is the worldview which is closest in line to my personal beliefs and philosophies. The Reciprocal Interaction Worldview is an amalgam of characteristics and elements from several nursing paradigms and worldviews, and its paradigms frame most contemporary scientific nursing knowledge (Fawcett, 1993). As such, it serves as a reliable foundation for my personal nursing practice as I strive to provide evidence based care.
This worldview first states that human beings are holistic, and parts are viewed only in the context of the whole (Fawcett, 1993). I agree with this view as I believe that the various human dimensions are interrelated. It is impossible to separate out the physical from the psychological or spiritual, as they are interdependent. A change in one aspect acts as a causative agent in the others. This aspect of this worldviews frames my practice when I acknowledge that my patient is much more than a set of vital signs and a physical assessment. In each interaction, I strive to ascertain my patient’s psychological and spiritual deficits and attend to these needs in a hierarchical manner so that the patient can return to a state of complete health- physically, psychologically, and spiritually.
The Reciprocal Interaction Worldview asserts that human beings are active,
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