How I Were Myself From The Middle Of A Miss

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How I found myself in the middle of a Miss Popular and a Miss Sank contest and several hopeful contestants trying to gather as many votes for Miss Congeniality or Miss Stab one or both of them in the back and get the fool both of them were after. to say that this had turned into a nightmare would come close to being correct, but their attention wasn’t pointed at me. who wouldn’t think the same thing if they were in my place. One talking as if they knew the two of them would get along because they were the best looking women in the building after all and the other one wanted to know when I was going to have an overnight visit, or equivalent. And to make sure there was no room for misinterpretation, if she could use the other end of the hotel floor or the other bathroom on my jet. Of course, there was more and the more Lila talked the more Pena pointed out she was close friends with Josh’s best friend. I winced when I heard the comeback before it was said and knew I should take a moment to go look for a parashoot. Lila was extremely overwhelmed that Pena had made it perfectly clear the two of them were just friends and would be more than happy to take her friend off the market so she would no longer have to worry that he would ever be lonely again. It was clear that as his friend she would be the first to tell him how happy she was that he had finally found happiness with someone much better then here. Things started to get ugly (if they hadn’t already) when my

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