How I Will Spend My Summer Vacation

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How I will Spend My Summer Vacation There is an old proverb that goes, 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.' I agree. For me, the summer vacation will provide me with a rare opportunity to take a well-deserved rest after a year of hard work. Last summer, I chose to engage in activities that would help me relax my mind and recoup not only my health but also my vitality. This summer will be no different. Towards this end, I plan to tour a number of amazing locations, read at least two interesting and/or informative books, and reflect on my accomplishments and failures so far. The relevance of visiting places or locations one has never visited before cannot be overstated. In addition to helping relax the mind, travelling also carries with it some educational value. This summer, I plan to visit two major locations. These include the Niagara Falls and the National Mall and Memorial Parks. It is important to note that I settled on these two major travel destinations after undertaking a laborious research on the key attractions on-site. The National Mall and Memorial Parks is an amazing place to visit. According to the National Park Foundation (2012), "the National Mall is America's front yard where the Washington Monument, WWII and Lincoln Memorials stand." I have to admit that part of my desire to visit the National Mall and Memorial Parks stems from the great respect I have for Abraham Lincoln. In that regard, the Lincoln Memorial remains one of the places I plan to

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