How I Wish to Live out My Last Days

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Honestly, before today I have never given much thought to this idea, but the reality of life being finite has resonated with me. Over the past few months, several close friends and acquaintances have died. Most of them were very unexpected and their loved ones were left confounded in trying to make last minute decisions. I don’t want this burden to be cast on my family. I want all of my loved one’s to know exactly what measures I want taken during my hospitalization; if I am in a position where I can’t communicate for myself. My first step was conveying this to my family, letting them know that I will be preparing a booklet chronicling my desires. Of course when I began to speak to my family members about death, I was confronted with essentially the same response, “Let’s not talk about that. You will be around for a long time yet.” My thoughts immediately took me to Schechter’s “The Whole Death Catalog” and Phillip Aries. Aries described the 20th Century as being an era marked with “forbidden death.” Implying the whole process of death was “shameful and hidden.” (Schechter, page 15) So of course I responded to my family’s words, with how Death was imminent. It is our selfish nature to want to hold on to life forever; but no matter how hard we clinch, we eventually lose our grip. My mother then told me to tell my sisters because she won’t be here when I die. My…

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