How I Write An Essay

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At one point or another, everyone struggles with writing an essay. I know that I have struggled with writing essays on more than one occasion. There are multiple parts of an essay that I struggle with, starting with grammar are my biggest issue, then along comes revising my own essay. Another would be staying on topic, my brain moves faster than my hands on the keyboard to type. Finally one of my last struggles would be critiquing myself, I believe that is one of the hardest things to possibly do. First off, I remember my first essay I wrote in high school was an essay, was an essay that I wrote about myself. It was supposed to help my teacher get to know us. That was one when I got my first taste of how awful my grammar really was. Sentence fragments, run-ons, punctuation, and parallel ideas are a huge struggle that I face, no matter how hard I try and how much I do I can’t seem to leave them all behind. I got that essay back, and I did not expect that it would come back scratched up with red ink. I really thought that it was an A essay, which I got a C on. My grammar got a little bit better that after that day, but it’s still a struggle. For example this is my second time taking freshmen comp, I took it once at Allen county community college, essay’s where the main reason that I did not pass that class, and my biggest struggle with those essays was the grammar and I know I have a long way to go but I want this class to be better. Revising my own essays would have to

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