How Ikea of Eweden Got to India - Case Study

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Global Perspectives Case Study: How Ikea of Sweden Got to India [pic] By the team: Ms. Valerie COSTE (France) Mr. Amaury BOULANGER (France) Ms. Katia BASKOVA (Russia) Ms. Eugenia TEUSKKINA (Russia) Mr. Brian WICK (Canada) President of Brooklin Bulletin Signs and University of Tampere, FINLAND, 27th November 1998 [pic] Executive summary • How will be the IKEA’ products and services into the Indian market? What adjustments are or will be necessary to entry in the Indian market of furniture? ( culture, competition, currencies, marketing and management) What threats from local competition should IKEA take into account and how can these threats be counteracted? What are the IKEA…show more content…
The importance of ethical issue in international business is fundamental to know who is responsible. B – Legal system: The judicial system in India is widely seen to be plagued by systemic problems, which require urgent and radical solutions. Cost of litigation probably is a part of the general inflationary trend in the economy. Moreover, India is a member of the International Labour Organization and complies with convention, which it has ratified. It has enacted comprehensive legislation to provide a good working environment for labour and protect their interests. The Government continuously reviews various labour laws in line with changing circumstances specially industrial relations which are regulated by the Industrial Disputes Act that provides for just and equitable settlement of disputes through negotiation, conciliation, arbitration or adjudication. But we have to focus on an important legal element in business: intellectual property. It represents a big asset of the company and in international business overview, we can consider that there are some risks (and their consequences) of copyright because the company which is "victim" of this unfair manipulation loses a lot of money and support some damages on its own brand image. C – Cultural challenge: In international business, the culture is very important and we can consider one fundamental element " the culture shock" where
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