How Imagination Can Build A Virtual World And Stay Away From The Real World

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Imagination is widely used for people to work and live. Technological development creates an opportunity for people to access technology. Indeed, people would prefer to use imagination to create a virtual world and stay away from the real world. The essay “ Alone Together” written by Sherry Turkle, argues that technology and imagination would affect the authenticity of life in society. Turkle also states that as technology developed, it makes humans doubt intimacy, connectivity, authenticity and solitude. Humans are getting busier which arises their desires to live in an imaginary world. The essay “Bumping Into Mr. Ravioli” by Adam Gopnik talks about his daughter’s imaginary friend Charlie Ravioli, who is a reflection of busy New Yorkers. Gopnik finds out that busyness makes people only focus on their work, thus it makes them avoid intimacy and stay away from authenticity. Both essays talk about human’s reactions of the fake world that is created by imagination. Imagination can build a better life but the virtual reality is a distraction preventing an authentic life. Imagination is positive for human development because it fulfills humans needs by creating the virtual world. Everyone has their own imaginations, and each one of them represent a person’s desired goals which are the wishes that they cannot achieve in the reality. If humans cannot achieve their goals in reality, they choose to achieve them in the imaginary world. Children create their own imaginary
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