How Important Are Friend and Family?

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How Important Are Friends and Family?
Do you know what really matters in life? It is a question that many have asked, and many have answered. The answers offered to this question have been varied and variegated, but there are a few that consistently bubble to the surface. Two of those are “friends” and “family.” With so many people offering those two answers time and again, it would be unwise to discount them outright. However, what most people mean when they say “friends” or “family” may not be the definition that carries the most significant meaning.
Family is important, to be sure – and by family, I don 't necessarily mean the group of people with whom you share the greatest genetic similarity. I mean that core group of people who
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Friendship is the blessing and the greatest gift to mankind. Friends are God 's apology for relations. When we are born, we are gifted with the blood relations who make our family. But friendship is not a blood relation; this is the relation which we choose according to our will. Friendship is a very sweet and emotional relationship which gives a man the whole happiness of life. It makes one’s life so easy and peaceful.
Friendship is just like the water. As water gets the shape of that pot in which it is poured, friendship gets the same shape according to the situation. Friendship is an everlasting relation which comes from heart to heart. If the family is stress with the office work family members or even parent are blaming their own children. Then the children will affect to this and loss the fun in life and they spend the time sadly. So that someone can say friends are important than family. That’s true in one side. So we say our sorrow to the friend and get advice or try to be joyful in life by making the life as a shining star in the sky. Even though where we can’t express the ideas to the family, we can say to the friends who are shadows of us in the life. Therefore somebody can say that Friends are more important than the family.
But in my opinion I believe that family is more significant than friends. In the first place, we can always trust our family’s members. When we have a trouble and we need some help, who will help us first? Of course, the

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