How Important Is Having A Clear Process

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How important is having a clear process in regards to informing a design outcome?

Setting up progressive goals and rules helps a designer in making everything more clearly and efficiently, so as to achieve the anticipated and satisfactory design outcome. What designers need to do is to first provide a rudimentary design map, covering different small processes, explaining what are their specific operations as well as their importance in contributing to the final outcome. Secondly, designers need to follow these preset processes, assuring each step is correctly followed. But on top of that, they could definitely add in some spontaneous and creative personal ideas during the implementation of the plan, which will hopefully make the project more like their own’s, other than a robotic, emotionless work.

In the first place, having a clear process enables designers to understand the concepts in greater depth. This could later facilitate and guide the development and implementation of design projects. To comprehend the topics, designers need to define the meanings of the topics, outline related fields and think about the project purposes.

Our group was assigned to the topic ‘boundaries’ (Bruce studio), which required us to determine and understand the criteria in deciding whether an area is ‘bound’ or ‘unbound’. To start with, we viewed boundary as the ‘line’ between the space we live inside and outside. We developed a model and used light to illuminate the model in order to
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