How Important Is a Sense of History in Shaping the Future of Singapore's Society?

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Qns 6. How important is a sense of history in shaping the future of Singapore's society?
Singapore is without a doubt, a diversified nation with many different cultures and races. Contrary to the popular belief of difference leading to antagonism, Singapore is perhaps one of the few countries globally to welcome people despite their variable backgrounds and still remain collectively competitive. Indeed, credit is due to Singapore's society past or present, had been seen to be shaped with a strong sense of history in mind, in order for the country to progress for the past 4 decades. This development has proven to be of utmost priority in the society moving forward, taking into consideration our multi-diversified nation with a
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More importantly, by having a sense of history in mind, it restrains the society from performing any actions once done in the past and was condemned upon. It is thankful that after the Maria Hertogh riots, Singapore has been celebrating Racial Harmony Day to congregate the various cultures and races together as one and videos of how detrimental riots can be to Singapore, are always played in institutions to prevent any similiar circumstances from happening. Singapore's leaders, being role models, will also don on the multi-racial costumes and celebrate racial harmony day with different races. This highlights the importance of which having a sense of history can do to propel a nation away from their unwanted past.
Also, it holds considerable significance for Singapore to have a sense of history especially when it comes to nation-building and collective ownership. Gone are the days where Singapore have to succumb to the demands of then Malaya when we were merged as one. Almost all resources were cut off immediately upon the separation between Singapore and Malaysia. This certainly jerked Singapore, the young and adolescent country from breaking free from its infancy rate of development, and exposed her to the harsh and cruel world where countries would not trade without any terms being compromised on. After the separation, Singapore was left to fend for herself, with no free natural resources to begin with. Singapore then worked hard on building from scratch on

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