How Important and Applicable Do You Feel Segmentation Was for Gillette

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How important and applicable do you feel segmentation was for Gillette
Any market in terms of marketing consists of buyers who differ in their tastes, desires, needs, and, most importantly, buy goods based on different motivations. Therefore, the entrepreneur must understand that in diversity of demand, especially in a competitive environment, each person will react differently to the goods or services offered. Very difficult to satisfy all customers, because each of them has some differences in the requirements. Production and sale of a limited number of types and models of products, designed only to a certain average level, without differentiation needs may not be the best strategy to use the potential of the company. For example, some
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On the other hand - is a management approach to decision-making at the enterprise market, the basis for selecting the right combination of elements of the marketing mix.
According to Geoff Lancaster and Lester Massingham in "Essentials of Marketing Management", the bases used for segmentation should fulfil the following criteria:
1) Measurability: The bases used to segment a market should lead to ease of identification (who is in each segment) and measurability (how large is each segment).
2) Accessibility: The bases used should ideally lead to marketers being able to reach selected market targets with their marketing efforts.
3) Substantiality: The bases used should ideally lead to segments that are sufficiently large to be worthwhile serving as distinct market targets.
4) Meaningfulness: The bases used should lead to segments that have different preferences/needs and show clear variations in market behaviour and response to marketing efforts.
Thus, in our case study we can see that Gillette's segmentation has been a key factor for its success, as through market differentiation and segmentation; the company has been able to identify the different consumer needs and provide each segment with the products that are specifically designed to meet its needs.
In 2002, Gillette conducted a market research which concluded that
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