How Important is a College Education?

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In Murray’s Op-Ed piece, “Should The Obama Generation Drop Out”, he believes a college education is unnecessary. I, however disagree with Murray’s notion. College is necessary according to a person’s career choice and it’s requirements. Throughout my middle and high school years, both my peers and I were strongly encouraged to go to college. I was not only urged by teachers, but my family members also. It is intriguing how closely connected that is after Murray discussed how college is promoted and organized. Growing up, I was taught that college would be the door of opportunity to a guaranteed better life. While college maybe unnecessary for some, it is necessary for others. As for myself, I believe college is necessary in order for me to advance towards my career in Journalism. Upon my high school graduation, I had decided to go straight into the workforce. At the time I preferred to have a job making money instead of going to school losing money. Quickly, I learned that I was still losing money even though I was working. I was working for survival, just to "make ends meet”, and in opposite direction of the career I desired. That experience alone encouraged me to pursue my college education even more because I knew I could not make it without it. Nowadays a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for jobs in journalism, regardless of the fact that one may have…
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