How Independent Consultants Fill The Gap And Complement High School Counseling

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I am presently working on a business plan to provide college admission guidance as an independent professional. There are countless media headlines on how the increased complexity of the college application process and the competitive results for admissions requires students to receive more guidance while the ratio of students to school counselors increases. This paper aims to explore some ways that independent consultants fill the gap and complement high school counseling. I used interviews and questionnaires to elicit information. I contacted several counselors in public and private schools to get the profiles of families that seek outside assistance with the college application process and to understand how best to arrange a collaboration between counselors for the benefit of the student. Through questionnaires, I asked families of current high school students, rising college freshmen, and rising college sophomores which aspects of the process warrant more support. I also reviewed articles and books on the subject to identify the key areas where students need additional assistance with college admissions planning. The surveys and decision matrices I used are available to assist counselors, students, and families.


The National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) identifies that school counselors play a crucial role in creating a college-going culture. However, with a national student-to-counselor ratio of 471:1 in public

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