How India 's Rich Poor Divide Affects It

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Introduction In my Global Perspectives Project I will be talking about how India’s rich-poor divide affects it. I chose this subject because I truly find it fascinating how India’s poverty and wealth is so fart apart. India’s population escalates from multi million airs to an unbelievable amount of people under the poverty line. I believe that this issue can be solved but over centuries. Of course this isn’t the only problem in India but I find it the most intriguing. Another reason why India is fascinating is their incredible wide range of languages. “A total of 122 languages are spoken by more than 10,000 people. Hindi, Bengali, Telegu, Tamil, Marathi, Urduare are spoken by 50 million people or more. Hindi is the mother tongue of forty-one of the population. English is a subsidiary official language.” Poverty in India In my opinion poverty in India is definitely one of the main issues. The poor are pulling down the countries economy. I believe that if every man and women in India had the same opportunities India’s rich poor gap would be immensely reduced. “After India gained it’s independence in 1947, mass deaths from famines were prevented, but poverty increased, peaking post independence in 1960’s.” Currently forty- two per cent of India lives below the international poverty line. The 300 million people who live in poverty live below $1.25 a day and they nearly equivalent to the entire U.S population. Research has been made that there is a sharper decline witnessed in
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