How Industrialization Changed The Social, Political, And Economic Face Of America 's Cities

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Industrialization changed the social, political, and economic face of America’s cities. A model of the reforms that society was experiencing can be found in the nation’s school system. Progressive changes took place in schools in the forms of “change in political control of education; change in educational thought; innovations in school curriculum and other practices; justification of schooling in terms of professionalism; and the importing of scientific management into school administration” (p. 179). Each of these areas deserves reflection and analytical thought. However, as I was reading Urban and Wagoner’s American Education: A History, Chapter Seven: Organizing the Modern School System: Educational Reform in the Progressive Era, 1890-1915 (2014), the part that had me asking the most questions and contemplating differences of opinion, was on the subject of progressive reforms in curriculum development. More specifically, considering my reactions to the Committee of Ten findings.
People then, as much as today, had different ideas about what the purpose of secondary education should be, and as result they differed in their opinions regarding what should be taught to students in high schools. Before the era of Urbanization and Industrialization, secondary education was seen as a means to prepare students for college and for moral development. However, by the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, America had changed. High schools were educating many students who
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