How Inequality And Society Affect Humanity

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The literatures Rousseau formulated are homogeneous in which they both include his thoughts in how inequality and society affect and influence humanity. Humankind has created societies with these vices and with this result Rousseau structures his argument to present man as they are now, why they are as they are, who they formally were and the remedy to this undesirable outcome. In the Discourse of Inequality Rousseau was responding to an award contest regarding origin of inequality among men and whether it was authorized by natural law. He entitles his oeuvre as Discourse on the Origin and the Foundations of Inequality among Men. Rousseau’s focal point is the principles of inequality. He begins his essay stating, “I conceive of two sorts of inequality in the human species: one which I call natural or physical because it is established by nature, and which consist in the difference in age, health, strength of the body, qualities of the mind, or of the soul; the other, which may be called moral or political inequality because it depends upon a sort of convention and is established, or at least authorized, by the consent of men. The latter consist in the different privileges that some enjoy at the expenses of others, such as being more wealthy, more honored, more powerful than they are, or even in making themselves obeyed by them” (Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 61). He then continues in profundity in his argument stating if their might be a integral link among the

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